7 REASONS why You need JTC to successfully set up and run a business in Serbia!

Most good ideas or business expansion plans end up in some drawer or recycling bin because of the time-consuming work of preparing the necessary documentation, analysis, and ultimately successful implementation.

JTC does not allow you to forget or neglect your idea for the reasons stated as there are 7 main reasons for that:

1. Saved from bureaucracy

The process of setting up a company is time consuming and requires the preparation of never-completed documentation. JTC’s primary activity is to successfully establish your business and prepare the complete documentation for you. JTC helps you save your valuable time and you can rest assured that you have not missed anything for a good start!

2. Base at the crossroads

It is well known that Serbia has good geo-location and is a good link between the eastern and western world. We will register your business base in Serbia and will make it easier for you to reach and do business anywhere in the world

3. Avoid unnecessary travel

Once you set up your company in Serbia you are not required to be in the country all the time. The company will be Serbian, but not you. Existence of an electronic signature allows you to run a business from anywhere.

4. Masters in Serbia

In addition to setting up your company, JTC will be able to provide you with all the necessary analysis on the Serbian or targeted market and this will help you to run your business better and become a market leader. We have local knowledge to help you discover everything about the market, as well as many experts in various subjects.

5. You are not just ‘another client’

The employees in JTC care about the work they do and to them you not just another client. JTC is not a company with an enormous number of employees and clients. Every project has a great commitment from our employees.

6. Low cost solution

JTC has affordable prices for its services. The company fee is very low compared to the offers we give. Our main goal is to build the trust with our clients so there are no hidden costs or surprises.

7. Extra options

In case the services you need are not listed in the services section, you can always ask for more and we are ready to find the best solution for you!